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Intro to Random Thought Patterns.

We are a Paranormal Podcast with an interesting twist. Not only do we talk about the paranormal we also go out and do investigations at actives sites in Arizona. We partner with Lockdown Paranormal Investigations and Research when it comes to that. Katie and I have diverse life experiences and have been interested in spooky stuff all our lives. We enjoy researching and bringing out listeners fun and factual information about the subject in our episodes. As always we have completely random moments and topics, and enjoy having fun and razzing on each other. Join us weekly as we explore the spooky, the strange, the unexplained and the unknown as well as take you into Arizonas haunted locations. We are Skip and Katie....and this is....Random Thought Patterns.


Hey there folks who are reading this. I am Skip, co host of Random Thought Patterns pod cast. Myself and my friend Katie have put together a pod cost about the Paranormal, and everything else that pops randomly into our heads. You will hear everything from super hero talk to movie and book reviews. A little about myself, I am a 43 year old father of two. I spent 10 years as an Officer and 5 years as a Sgt for the Arizona Department of Corrections so Ive got a pretty solid head on my shoulders and have dealt with some stuff. I am an avid fan of the Paranormal and ghost hunting and that is what inspired me to move into podcasting with my friend. If im not reading ghost stories or trying to start my ghost hunting career you can find me cruising the highways and backroads of Arizona on my motorcycle


“Life is a storm, my young friends. You will basic in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you who you are is what you do when that storm comes.” Kathleen Kelly Kiernan was primarily raised by mother and grandparents while father was a truck driver and providing out on the road. One of 11 siblings. Eight of which grew up under the same roof in a three-bedroom house. Poor would be calling it kind. She had to deal with alcohol and struggles of this kind in the family. Always things of the un explained happening within the family house. Both good and bad but primarily negative. She is a single mom that is active in her son life. She works for a self-driving car company and is fascinated by the technology. She likes debunking paranormal but wants to believe in magic and things that can’t be explained by science. She is currently working hard for her degree in social work. She is a Co-Host of a podcast called Random Thought Patterns and lead investigator with Lockdown Paranormal Investigations and Research. She loves reading and partaking in physical activities. Hope that she can spread knowledge and positivity in the world. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”